Top Terry Cloth Shorts For You

Top Terry Cloth Shorts For You

Terry fabric is now seeing a comeback. Look, if a year and a half of solitary confinement, lockdowns, low capacity, and homebound confinement have taught us anything, it's that good times shouldn't be taken for granted. In other words, we're all eager to return to the festivities but not eager to don our stuffy, formal attire. Instead, a new age of ultra-comfy clothing is beginning. The concept of infusing absolute comfort into your clothing isn't new, even if athleisure has been around for more than ten years.

But after spending the previous 14 months lazing about in sweats and gym gear, we're ready to put on something that feels a bit more opulent. And what feels more opulent than mens terry cloth shorts? Terry fabric is no longer only for towels, robes, and high-end spas in 2021. And let's face it, when the summer heat becomes hot, we grow tired of wearing pure cotton and linen mixes. So, we're happy to see terry cloth returning.

You don't have to overhaul your summer outfit or leap in headlong. Terry fabric is simple to include into your existing wardrobe; adding a few shirts is a wonderful way to get started and shake up the monotony of your regular summer attire. If you're confused about where or how to wear terry cloth, simply think of it as an acid trip—the right atmosphere is essential to having a good experience. Terry cloth does have a retro feel to it. If you're unsure, save your terry cloth for the beach, pool, and tiki bar. However, you may add to that list and wear the terry cloth shirt wherever if you're feeling bold. You're OK to go as long as you wear it with swim trunks, dock shorts, or thin slacks.

Despite only existing since 2018, Dandy Del Mar has already established themselves as a leader in the leisurewear industry because to their superior performance. Dandy Del Mar is more of a whole mood than a clothing brand, drawing influence from the most well-known vacation spots of the 1960s and 1970s, such as Saint-Tropez or Mallorca. Alternatively, Dandy Del Mar is "reviving the art of leisure," in their own words. Here are nine terry cloth shirts that we hand-selected as the finest of the best for your relaxing summer, listed in no particular order.

The more daring burned sienna is a bit harder to wear for the majority of individuals than navy. The Gaucho Terry Cloth Shirt may also be worn with coordinating shorts or trousers, much like the Tropez. It enables you to move easily from the pool to the bar—and ideally back to the pool again. Criquet Shirts, founded in Austin and specializing in golf clothing, has the polo down to a science. But they casually go off course with the Cabana Stripe Terrycloth Polo. It is made entirely of cotton terrycloth and is purely cool. There aren't many terry cloth shirts with the Cabana Stripe, so it's a great touch, and Criquet does it without having the shirt appear like a bath towel. We like that the collar has no buttons; after leaping out of the water, simply put it on and you're ready to swing by the bar, cabana, hotel lobby, or practically wherever.