Pressure Washer Sizes And Their Capacities

Pressure Washer Sizes And Their Capacities

The benefits of pressure washers cannot be overemphasized – they clean your house and make the area cleaner and spotless – and, as a result, are in high demand. Now that pressure washers are in high demand; you must consider certain factors before purchasing your very own pressure washer.

One of the significant factors to consider when making your purchase is the size of the pressure washer engine you intend to buy. The engine size of your pressure washer helps you determine your machine's output (water pressure). Of course, this decision is made by looking at minor determinants, including your money at hand; however, the major deciding factor is the purpose you intend to use your pressure washer.

In this article, we will guide you in your decision-making about the engine size to go for when purchasing your pressure washer by explaining the categories of pressure washer engines.

  • Light Duty Pressure Washer: This is a small pressure washer with pressure levels not more than 2000 per square inch. This type of pressure washer is not used to clean extra tough stains and dirt but are mostly to clean; household items, cars & driveways, home front steps, barbecue grills, furniture, etc. Their parts are not of commercial quality.
  • Medium Duty Pressure Washer: This size of pressure washer engine is one that produces a water pressure level output within the range of 2000-2800 pounds per square inch. This implied that this pressure washer would take on tougher stains than the light-duty pressure washer can. Therefore, it is mainly used for cleaning your sideways, fences, deck, and generally for common stains.
  • Heavy Duty Pressure Washer: This is by far the largest, most efficient, and reliable pressure washer engine size to clean with. The pressure washer is heavy duty and produces water pressure levels within the range of 2900- 3400 pounds per square inch. With this amount of pressure, you can be assured that this pressure washer engine is the perfect choice for washing vehicles, machinery, or any other extra tough stains that seem not to clean easily. This type of washer is used at the industrial level. It is used in agricultural, marine transportation, and other significant sectors to help apparent specks of dirt, grease, oil, or fat out.


A pressure washer is an important machine to possess in today's world, always to have a stressless cleaning experience. However, to enjoy this cleaning process, it is imperative to buy the right size of pressure washer engine that suits the purpose you want to use it for. Not only does this help to save cost, but it also allows efficiency and prevents damage to the surfaces cleaned. For example, when heavy-duty washers are used to clean front steps, the steps are likely to become damaged due to the impact of the high pressure on the steps.

In this article, we have discussed the various categories of pressure washer engines and their capacities to help guide you when choosing the perfect engine size for you