iPhone Photo Printer 4x6 Liene Amber Instant Photo Printer

iPhone Photo Printer 4x6 Liene Amber Instant Photo Printer

When you are using the Liene Amber Instant photo printer it is compatible with different devices. You can use it with an Android, PC, or iphone photo printer 4x6 and get an interesting photo.

With the help of advanced technology, you can print mesmerizing and magical photos. Using the Amber instant photo printer that is compatible with different devices. Because when you are using this printer you can connect your device like iPhone with this and print your favorite picture.

Prominent Selling Traits

In this smart era of technology phones are an important gadget, you can easily capture your memories on your iPhone or other device. Sometimes, you need to delete your images from your phone. In this situation, you want to save these pictures in tangible form.

Use the instant photo printer and connect with your device and get print of your precious memories within seconds. The following are the features of an instant photo printer:

Marvelous Design of the Printer

It has a sleek design, the color is pink and looks attractive. This photo printer is lightweight and portable. You carry this printer with you anywhere and keep your special moments more special.

Allow Integration with Devices

This unique printer is compatible with different devices. You can effortlessly connect it to your iPhone, windows, or Android devices. When you join the printer with the devices you may revel in the user-friendly interface. Connect your iPhone device with Bluetooth to the printer and print your favorite photo.

Get High-Quality Images

When using this printer you will get amazing prints of your photos from your devices. When using this advanced printer it gives attractive photo prints with high resolution of quality. You will get a 4 by 6 size photo after printing it.

Stable Wifi & Hotspot

You can easily connect 5 devices with your photo printer at a time. You can experience a stable wifi connection. Using this wifi connection you can easily connect anywhere. There is another feature is a hotspot that is built-in into this device.

Affordable Photos

You can easily print your photos at your home at an affordable price. When you print photos from the shop it charges high for you. But if you buy an amber instant photo printer once time and print photos at your home with cost effecting. When you buy a printer it gives you 20 photo sheets for printing.

Customizing Photos

You can customize your favorite photos using the different given techniques in the printer. Add many filters to your images, availability of multiple photo temples, edit photos, enhance colors, and other things. Using these features you can experience attractive features in your photos.

Convenient For Use

Using this printer is straightforward and you can print photos using three easy steps. You can prepare, connect, and print photos. Once you give a command within seconds you will get the print. The interface is user-friendly and you can easily print your memories in hard form.


Amber Instant Photo printer is an amazing product of Liene and keeps saving your memories in hard copy. You will get 20 photo sheets with the printer and get photos on it. The processing of photo printing is efficient and easy you can print a photo within seconds.