How to Maintain Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

How to Maintain Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

We are living in a modern world where human made things are even getting perfect everyday with an eye-catching natural look. It might take you a lot of time to actually realize that someone is wearing a wig and that what you are really seeing is not their natural hair.

Nowadays, wigs are taking a major part in the industry of beauty in the whole world. You will find at least eight out of ten households with wigs in our modern societies because they are time savers. Do you know why wigs are actually helpful in a Lady’s life? Apart from the main reason that is to look good, wearing a beautiful wig will save your time in case you get an emergency event and your natural hair is looking bad.

Human hair lace front wigs are made with a closure that is sewn on the unit’s crown. With proper care, this type of wigs can serve you for quite a long time before replacing them. As their name suggests, human hair lace front wigs are typically made from a person’s hair. The reason why human hair lace front wigs are highly prioritized is the natural look they give when worn.

How to Maintain A Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Just like any other hair accessories, wigs require a significant care the same way you would take care of your hair. There are a number of things you can put in mind in order to prolong the life of your human hair wig. The following is are a few ways you can practice in the maintenance of your human hair lace front wigs


With a wide tooth comb, gently and carefully brush your human hair wig to avoid damaging the hair. Do not use a small comb in this case because it might tear the hair from the wig and do not forget that the right way of brushing your wig is by removing hair tangles from bottom to top.


The number of times you need to wash your wigs depends entirely on how regular you wear them. Basically, too many times of washing your wigs within a short time reduces the life span of your wig. This will obviously get you back to a shop for another wig which is something you can avoid but not exceedingly at least 2 washing times of your wig in a particular month.

Proper storage

Apparently, Wigs cannot be permanent on your head and human hair lace front wigs requires the right structures to keep them intact for the next use. Getting yourself a mannequin head will keep your wigs safe and in the right condition as you wear others till the right time for a change. If you can’t get the mannequin stand do not worry, it is not the end of the road for you. You can place some papers in the wig scalp and wrap it carefully in plastic bag. In addition to that, do not use a mannequin stand that is bigger than the size of your wig.

Human hair lace front wigs lasts longer than other types mainly because they are made from human hair. However, the life span of a wig depends not only on how you maintain it but where you get it too. At one more hair solution is where you can get your hands on the best wigs.