Exploring Various Ways Weft Hair Extensions Can Be Installed

Exploring Various Ways Weft Hair Extensions Can Be Installed

Weft hair extensions are among the most requested by those who wish to increase the volume and length of hair. It gives a natural appearance and can be applied in various techniques; therefore, it can be used in different hair types and usages. In this article, we are going to discover the various methods of installation of weft hair extensions which can result in different looks. Additionally, to explore how these hairstyles can be done and maintained, go url and get the necessary information.

1. Sew-In Method

The sew-in method is perhaps one of the most common techniques for installing weft hair extensions that are out there. This technique entails making cornrows on the natural hair and joining the wefts on the cornrows using a needle and thread. The sew-in method is considered to be the most effective one as the extensions can be used for several weeks if taken care of properly. It is a great choice for those having no interest in a daily ritual and searching for a long-term result. It also offers a comfortable fit, which means that it is ideal for those who lead a very active life.

2. Braidless Sew-In Method

Thus, for those who find sew-ins too bulky compared to other braid types, braidless sew-ins make the perfect choice. Rather than interlocking small parts of the natural hair, a base is formed, and the wefts are sewn onto it through the use of microbeads or rings. This method puts less pressure on the scalp and thus may be more comfortable in the day. It also blends with the natural hair better, making it easy to manage and it is not too rigid.

3. Clip-In Method

The clip-in weft hair extensions are suitable for those who seek temporary solutions only. Each of these extensions has tiny closures affixed to the wefts and the hair that can be clipped on the natural hair. The clip-in method is convenient since the extensions can be clipped in or out in several minutes; it is suitable for special occasions or a change of style for a particular event. In the same regard, Clip-ins are relatively simple to use, and one does not require the services of a hairdresser to install.

4. Glue-In Method

The glue-in method also known as bonding entails the use of a particular bonding solution to hold the wefts to natural hair. This method gives one a good grip and can remain effective for as long as weeks depending on the hair type. This method, if done by an expert will place the weave correctly and also will not hurt the natural hair. Glue-in method is preferred as it results in giving a natural look to the hair and is practically invisible.


Weft hair extensions are flexible in the way they can be installed making it possible for any method to be used depending on the demand of the client. Let it be sew-ins which are more long-lasting, clip-ins which are easier to install, or more natural-looking tape-ins, there is something for everyone. How you install the weft hair extensions and when you seek the help of a professional, you get the benefit of volume and length in your hair with any desired look.