A Guide for Choosing High-Quality Paper Ream for Printing

A Guide for Choosing High-Quality Paper Ream for Printing

A ream is a standard measure of the quantity of paper. One ream of paper is typically made of 250 to 500 sheets. However, the quantity may differ depending on the manufacturer. All the sheets in a ream must feature the same size and quality. Choosing a high-quality paper ream is essential for your printing needs. So, with many paper reams for sale in Alibaba, what are the best tips for choosing a high-quality paper ream for printing?

How to choose a high-quality paper ream for printing

Whether you are in the printing business or you have ventured into selling paper reams at retail prices, you should always go for the best. The problem is that some people find it challenging to know which paper ream to choose. When buying in bulk, the worst mistake you can make is choosing something that is not worth it. It is bad for your business and clients. Let us have a look at some key things you must prioritize to make a good decision.

Understand the different types of printing paper

Choosing printing paper is not as easy as you may assume. There are numerous options to choose from. Understanding your options will help you make the right choice. Below are some of the most common types of printing paper;

  • Cardstock-this printing paper is known for its thickness and durability. It is a great option for printing menus, invitations, and postcards. Depending on the application or project, this type of printing paper can be coated or uncoated.
  • Cardboard-this paper consists of two smooth outer layers sandwiching a corrugated layer. It is one of the heaviest options and is incredibly durable. This printing paper is great for shipping.
  • Foam board-this type of printing paper is great for professional applications. It features a polystyrene core sandwiched between two pieces of paper. Form board printing paper is lightweight, affordable, and sturdy. This makes it perfect for presentations.

Consider your printing needs

After researching the available options, another incredible tip for choosing paper reams for printing is to consider your needs. Your printing needs will determine the ideal type of paper. For instance, foam board is great for presentations, while cardstock is great for promotions.

Determine your printer's paperweight

All printers have a specific paperweight. It is usually displayed as numbers and symbols. Therefore, your printer should be a top determinant when choosing the right paperweight. Choosing the wrong paperweight may influence your printing results. Your project should also determine your paperweight. Some projects require thicker or heavier paper than others.

Do not undermine the physical qualities of the paper

Apart from the paper’s weight, type, and applications, the physical paper qualities also matter. Some of the top physical paper qualities to look into are;

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Size


Besides the elements above, you may also benefit from considering the cost of the ream of paper. The number of sheets in the ream and their quality will often determine the cost. Alibaba.com is a great place to start when searching for the best high-quality reams of paper.