5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Barber Apron

5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Barber Apron

It is one thing being a barber, and another thing choosing a barber apron that can fully serve its purpose. A barber apron is a garment that is worn by the barber while working on a customer’s hair. It’s a healthy practice as it protects hair, and other products from getting all over the barber’s cloth and body. It also makes the barber look professional, serious and passionate about what he does. Having seen how much essence it is, there’s every need to know the important factors that need to be put into consideration when choosing a barber apron.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Barber Apron

These are the 5 important factors worthy of consideration before you choose any barber apron.

The Fabric Factor

The fabric from which the apron is made is the first important factor to be considered. Knowing fully well that your apron would be washed regularly, you should look out for a fabric that can withstand constant washing. You could go for aprons made from leather, cotton, rubber, canvas and other durable fabrics.

The Activity Factor

Another important factor to be considered is the type of activity you perform in your barbing shop. If you do more cutting, styling and dyeing of hair, then you need to look out for an apron with so many pockets to help you hold your combs, and brushes, for easy access. If on the other hand, you do more washing, then you need an apron like one made from water-friendly rubber fabric.

The Price Factor

The price of the apron needs to be considered. You wouldn’t want to go for one that is way above your budget and suffer the consequences later on. These days, the saying that the price of an item determines the quality, is no longer true. You could still get a high-quality apron for a low price. Just ensure you take a thorough survey.

The Design Factor

Barber aprons come in different designs, styles and colours and this gives the buyers a variety to choose from. Some come with various pockets, while others are plain. Some of them have both waist and neck straps, others have waist straps alone. All you need to do is to go for a style, design and colour that fits your personality and brand.

The Size Factor

Barber aprons also come in various sizes; small, medium, large and extra large. You shouldn’t go for one that is tight because you wouldn’t feel free to go about your duty and on the other hand, an apron that’s too loose wouldn’t be a good option at all. Consider going for what feels comfortable on you and at the same time looks good on you.


A barber apron could be all you need to take your barbing career to the next level. So, to prevent yourself from making the wrong choice, ensure that you put the important factors that have been given to you into full consideration.